Terms of Service

Our terms and conditions include

Accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information: reliance on the material from this website is solely at the risk of the user. Expert Boys is not responsible for the accuracy and the latest information on this website. Historical information that this site may contain is for general knowledge and not reference. We reserve the right to modify content but not to update content.

Modifications to services and prices

We reserve the rights to discontinue a product or service at any time without any prior notice.We can also change the prices of products and services without notice. We are not liable to any third party for modifications on our services and products.

Products or services

Some products are restricted to only online sale. We reserve the right to distribute products and services to particular regions and we may exercise this right generally or on a case to case basis. Descriptions of products and services are subject to change at any given time without notice. We do not warrant the quality of our products and services sent to you will meet your expectations. If there is an error in the service or product there is no guarantee it will be corrected.

Accuracy of billing and account information

We reserve the right to refuse any orders made and might contact you through your billing address or email address to notify you about this. You agree to give complete, accurate and updated information on your billing and account status.

Third party links

Some of our content is from third party links and they may direct you off the website. We are not responsible for the material on third party links. We are not connected to any harm or damages that may result from using the services and products from third party links. All complaints and claims about third part links should be directed to them and not brought to us.

Optional tools

We can provide access to third party tools but we do not monitor or control the input. Use of any of these optional tools is at your own risk. We provide access to such tools without warranty. If we offer any of such tools in the future, they automatically fall under these terms and services.

User comments and feedback

If you supply any comments or feedback online at our request or at your own volition through email or through any other communication channels to us, you should bear in mind we have the full rights to edit, copy, publish or distribute them in any way.We do not owe any remuneration, maintenance of confidence or response to such comments and feedback. You agree that all comments and feedback does not go against the law, you are solely responsible for all comments you make, you may not use false identity or pretend to be someone else, you may not be abusive and you should not distribute any virus.

Personal information

All personal information is protected by our privacy policy.

Errors, omissions and inaccuracies

There may be information that is not correctly spelt or parts omitted on this website. We reserve the full rights to change them at will or not change them at all. If they are corrected they will be done so without prior notice and corrections will take effect immediately.

Prohibited uses

You are prohibited from using the site for:


  • Upload or transmit virus
  • Harass, defame, slander, abuse or insult others
  • Infringe or violate intellectual property
  • Submit false and misleading information
  • For any unlawful purposes
  • To violate any international, federal or state laws
  • To collect personal information
  • To solicit for others to perform unlawful acts
  • To disturb security features of the website
  • For immoral purposes
  • To spam

Limitation of liability

Expert Boys and all its workers are not liable for any damage, loss or harm incurred by direct or indirect use of any of our products or services. We do not warrant accurate or reliable information, we do not guarantee uninterrupted service and we may disrupt service for unlimited periods at any time. Use or inability of use of our services and products its solely at user’s risk. In regions where limited liability is not allowed liability will be limited to the full extent allowed by the law.


You agree to consider Expert Boys and all its affiliates harmless and indemnify against claims made by third party arising from breach of terms.

Sever ability

If any part of the terms of service of Expert Boys is deemed to be unlawful, that portion will be seen as severed from the terms and not effect the enforce ability of any other part.


The terms of service are valid unless terminated by Expert Boys or you.

Entire agreement

Failure from us to enforce any part of these terms does not make it null and void.

Governing laws

All terms and agreements are governed by and in accordance with the laws of Australia.

Changes to terms and services

Any changes to these terms and services will be communicated through updates on the website. These changes will be made without prior notice and should be checked periodically for changes or updates.