Shopify Wholesale

Selling to one customer and a group of 5 or a bigger batch can all be done through your Shopify account. You do not need multiple stores for this. We have different packages at Expert Boys to help with this, we can customize your Shopify website to cater for your wholesalers the way you want

Wholesalers only store

Design your store to be exclusively for wholesalers. Anyone who wants to but from here would have to buy in bulk or not at all. We can also create a wholesaler’s side of the store, complete with Shopify wholesale login, where all information about a wholesaler can be found.

Catalogue for wholesalers

We can create an online catalogue designs to target the wholesale audience and direct them to get your goods. This could convince a regular buyer to buy wholesale too.

Menu for wholesalers

Especial buttons in the menu for selecting products for wholesalers. They need to be given incentive and advantages of buying wholesale. This can come with a special Shopify wholesale login feature to allow wholesalers register.

Application form for wholesalers

We can add an application form so that thinterested wholesalers can reach you directly with all their questions. The form will have provision to make the order or enquiry as in depth and detailed as possible.

Minimum cart and product items

Specify what the minimum amount of products needs to be in the cart for wholesalers. The starting buying limit cannot be reduced, as this will be the distinction between wholesalers and regular purchasers

Retail price

Showcase the retail price and the wholesale price so it can be clear what the wholesaler stands to offer for this arrangement.