Shopify Website Update

Your Shopify websites require regular updates to make them work at full capacity. These are necessary to identify any potential issues to your website before they become series. At Expert Boys, we can use the following steps to check your Shopify website.

Store health overview

We use the right tools to look into the general health of your store. This general check includes SEO, usability, social and technical code, content and providing useful feedback on the running of these parts of the website.

Store policies review

It is good for your store policies to be compatible with your customers which may change according to your customer base. The policies and terms of your website need to be advantageous to your customer base or they will look for another website. We can check your return policy, refund policy, shipping policy, exchange policy and privacy policy to make sure they all are well updated.

Optimize pages

Pages about your store, frequently asked questions and contact pages are a few good examples of pages that can optimize your store because they are the most popular pages. We will make them SEO-friendly so that the right crowd is drawn to your website. Shopify SEO is important to your store. We also double check your pages for missing information and add them whenever needed.

Optimize product pages

Your product listing pages also need to be optimized. They are the most important parts of the store since the site is built to sell these products. The images, product descriptions, SEO and missing information of your description pages on Shopify can be updated and handled by us.

Review discount codes

If you have any discounts with codes or coupon codes, they should be stopped after the promotion is over. We will take a look at each of your Shopify discount codes and delete the obsolete ones and leave those that are still active.