Shopify Tweaks

All the best Shopify themes we develop have options for customization attached to them. All sorts of changes can be done on our themes so that they become accessible to your particular customer base. On top of this, we offer tweaking services for small changes or coding when you buy our Shopify themes. We offer the following changes on our themes.

Adding font

From the options of customized themes we have, the theme you pick could have all the perfect features except the custom font for your brand or company. It is advisable to stick to a font that represents your brand everywhere for the message to resonate. We can tweak your Shopify theme to carry your desired font or fonts.

Adding slide show images

We can add more slide show images to the Shopify theme template of your choice, if this option is available but not in sufficient amount for you. Do not force all your slides into the small available options. Let us expand the options so that your presentation can be more informative to your customers and the message can be properly passed.

Reworking slide shows

We can rework the slides and images setting in the theme which include Gif images and any other specific feature you desire.

Replacing product swatches

If you prefer drop down selectors on your theme instead of product swatches, we can change this for you. And if you only want to change the swatches on the theme, we can do this for you too. The slide-show and image options on the theme can be tweaked by us to fit any media you want to use.

Installing scripts and ad-ins

Some scripts and website add-ins from Shopify help make your store better, but they can be bulky and unnecessary sometimes. We can add and remove such scripts and add-ins for you, for example shipping calculator.

Additional filters

We can add more filters to collection pages as is required by your store and for optimization purposes.

Re-ordering sections

We can re-order the sections of your homepage if you do not like the arrangement on your chosen theme. For whatever reasons you might want a page to come after or before another and not in the exact way we ordered it, don’t settle for less because we can handle this tweaking for you easily.