Shopify Theme Development

Different themes to function optimally, we do not have a general theme for different store types. Custom Shopify themes are made for different clients to fit their different needs and requests.

Set up development environment:

Development of your Shopify theme has to be done in the right environment and under the right circumstances so that they come out functional and effective. We can handle this with ease at Expert Boys

Choose editor:

Our Shopify theme editing is done by professionals with the best software and is able to be used across mobile devices as well. Our premium Shopify themes are classic and even though they need regular upgrading like any other software, they are the best.

Helpful resources:

We have helpful resources to use so that we can turn your cheap Shopify themes into great Shopify themes.

SEO for theme design:

Your theme can help with search engine optimization for the entire website and Shopify theme designers need to take advantage of this. Our Shopify experts at Expert Boys are skilled and experienced in this.

Shopify API:

Shopify supported themes need to be developed to be integrated into the store. Themes for Shopify have to be designed with Shopify API or they will not work properly if they even work at all. For every theme Shopify API is used, integration with the platform is certain.