Shopify Theme Adjustments

Adjusting your Shopify theme to fit your special needs is what we do. Our Shopify experts are here At Expert Boys at your disposal and you may call us to customize your theme until it is exactly what you want it to be. Its not all about a beautiful theme, one that produces the right results is essential too. Here we will pay attention to the:


We have been designing logos and integrating them with Shopify websites for a long time. We know the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid, and how to create the perfect logo for your specific business types and needs. An iconic brand identity will carry more weight than your store and it all starts with the design. Brand identity practices that work and designs from around the world inspire our Shopify expert to produce something that works for you.


Color pallets that go well together are not only eye-catching, but are associated with different feelings for different customers. In fact, we like to focus on those relations and feelings. We can create an especial pallet for you that will show up brilliantly on any type of device. Our expert Shopify developers know what to do in the background to represent the right colors in the right ways.

Background and patterns

From low key patterns to color lover patterns and noise patterns, we know how to create the desired background for you. In the creative market that we live in, your theme has to be exclusive down to the smallest details, even the background.


We can edit real-life photos for you when we build your Shopify theme and we can even take the pictures for you. Apart from these, we are masters of sorting through stock photos to find the right match for your website pages. Photographs speak much louder than words and the right ones placed in the right places will sell your store to the customers without being too bulky.

The right font:

Some of the best fonts that can integrate with the right theme and logo design will be discovered by our expert theme on client per client basis.


If you need icons on your theme then we have hundreds of options for you to choose from, including carefully crafted pictographs, symbols and visual language. We can choose the right one for any situation and integrate it to your theme so that it tells a unique story.

Theme editing:

Editing our theme and upgrading it will be essential in running your store to up to date standards. Expert Boys can do this for you without any issues.