Shopify Testimonials

Shopify TestimonialsAdding shopify testimonials and reviews from your customers to your website would be beneficial to you. The integrity of your store increases and new users get an idea of what you are all about. It is more trustworthy to read reviews and testimonials from real life people. And if this would help in positive decision making and increase in sales then you should go for it.

Shopify does not have this feature but Expert Boys can handle this part for you. The process is pretty straightforward and can be easily done, but you Can always enlist the help of professionals like us to avoid any mistakes. We have experience with:

Proper placing of testimonial messages

They need to be placed in a strategic place.  So that they can have maximum impact and help the store positively

Proper visual representation

Plain text will do but the right font and some demonstrations.  Or little pictures can make the message more human and drive the point home.

Handling inception and management

Navigating through the software that can help you place testimonials on your store. And page can be confusing and look like a huge task. It really is not because we can set it up in minutes. Monitoring the progress of this addition and ensuring it is working well is also necessary.