Shopify Support

Shopify SupportWe at Expert Boys can provide Shopify support for your store’s needs. If there is any issue with your Shopify account, website, app, theme or mobile app, we can fix it. We will be available to give you advice on what to do. If the problem is bigger than what you can handle even after our advice, you can hire a highly qualified Shopify expert from us. Dealing with any issues on your Shopify website is highly advisable, since small problems can easily turn into bigger issues if not solved on time.


you can leave a message to us via our email address and our Shopify customer service unit will get back to you as soon as possible. Please give 1 or 2 working days after sending your email to get a response. This is because we have to go through a lot of emails each day and we attend to them as they come. If you want to reach us urgently, it is better to call us.


You can find our Shopify customer service number on our contact page. Reach the number at any time for the latest information on how to deal with any Shopify-related issue.

Visit us:

There is another option to visit us at our location as listed on the contact page. Our Shopify experts are on call during all the working hours of the week and they can handle your issues personally.