Shopify Store

Shopify StoreAll your ecommerce needs are available on Shopify and we at Expert Boys can customize these to change from Shopify apps to Shopify themes. Shopify has a number of advantages to your benefit if you need an online store:

Professional themes:

There are a lot of basic themes to choose from on Shopify. They look good and can serve the purpose. But in this highly competitive world we live in, every aspect of your store and products have to be special.  We can carve out professional themes that go well with your brand and business in general.


The Shopify platform is completely customizable, thus every aspect of your online store can be made especially for you to fit your store needs. This is a great way to have a template to work with and still have your store looking, feeling and delivering differently from others.

Mobile commerce ready:

Shopify mobile is available and actually built-in to your store, so it can work on mobile devices as well Offering such flexibility to your customers will encourage them to shop more and maybe recommend your store to others because it is so comfortable and easy to use.

Shopify experts available:

Top class Shopify experts like Expert Boys can work with you in every step to customize your Shopify website to your liking.

Your own domain name:

You can have a special domain name or purchase one, if you have not already on Shopify. We are familiar with the processes for this purpose and can handle it for you so that there are no mistakes made.

Blogging platform:

You can have a Shopify blog where you can post all your articles and updates. This space gives you the platform to publish all your stuff and we can handle it for you. Your Shopify ecommerce blog can be a great resource for making your store’s successful.

HTML and CSS editing:

Every aspect of your Shopify website can be customized through HTML and CSS. We can handle these at Expert Boys.