Shopify Store Enhancement

Shopify Store EnhancementAt Expert Boys, we handle any enhancements needed for your Shopify ecommerce store. We will upgrade any area of your Shopify store that needs customization or personal attention to make it work better. Apart from enhancing your Shopify store, we can utilize apps to to make your store fully functional. However, basic templates will not give you all these facilities. Some of the best apps we use to enhance your store include:


We will use this app from your existing ecommerce platform to extract necessary information and use it to generate enhanced versions for tablets and phones. Using this app means you do not have to waste time managing all the different versions of your store. You can do it all from one location with automated ease.

SEO Meta Manager

Organic search results are the major market for new customers and search engine optimization plays a vital role here. This app helps make changes to the tiles and page descriptions of your store manually. Although the manual part can be cumbersome, it is better done this way every once in a while to ensure optimal results instead of letting a bot do it and miss the most important parts.


Your MailChimp account for email marketing can be integrated to your great Shopify store through this app. Customers will be asked to sign up for your mailing list when they visit the website. MailChimp will then automatically add them to your mailing list with this app.

Plug in SEO

Organic customers are the life of the store and they can only be maintained by search engine optimization. This app will check for the problems with SEO on your website and advice accordingly.

There are many more apps that we can make use of to deliver special enhancements to your store.