Shopify Setup

Shopify SetupWhen a new Shopify store is created, it needs some set up to kick start its working capabilities. You want your customers to recognize you and you them so entering store specific information is the set up. Expert Boys can handle this process for you to ensure you do not miss any crucial information.

Store name

Your store name will be displayed on every page of your website and your customers will use this to find you. Because of this, it should be catchy and easy to remember. Then it should be correctly entered to avoid mistakes in terms of identity.

Account email address

This is the key to your Shopify website and you will receive all the admin-related correspondences from here.

Customer email address

This is the primary communication channel between you and customers. They will see this in every correspondence and can reach you on this from all platforms so it should be properly set up to avoid mistakes.

Legal business name and address

Customers will identify you by your store address and this will appear on your invoice as well. It is important to include it and do it right.

Store time zone

This is important especially if you have an international store. Let your customers know what time zone you are in, so they can know what time you mean when you say it will take 2 to 3 days or hours for something to be delivered or awarded.


This will set the default currency that your store will trade in and automatically convert all payments into this currency. You can choose multiple currencies but they cannot be unlimited, that will make everything too bulky. You can make a selection from the most important options maybe according to the different countries that you cater to.


A proper metadata description will give you better chances at appearing in the search engine. It doesn’t mean you will not appear if it is not done well but there will be a significant difference between the results and traffic you get with a good one and a regular one.

The process looks complicated but it is not to us because we are Shopify experts.