Shopify SEO

Shopify SEOSearch engine optimization is important for you to help your customers find your store easily when they search for it. This will also help put your store in front of the potential customers for them to visit and eventually patronize your store too.

Setup themes for Shopify SEO

We use liquid tags to create rules about how your SEO elements appear for every page. We can also give recommendations of the best practices based on your experience.

Title tag

We know how to set the title tag for each of your products so that they appear with the title and name of the store. This makes customers associate the particular products they are looking for with your store. They can view other available products when they come to the store.

Meta description

We can set custom Shopify SEO descriptions for your collection pages, product pages and custom pages. These will work better for your general SEO goals instead of the description content automatically used when it is undefined.

Canonical URL’s

We work towards preventing any duplication of your content on the search engine using canonical URLs. We have the complete tools to begin and successfully finish all your custom Shopify SEO settings for better search engine optimization. Shopify SEO is important for organic awareness of your brand and products, and thus it is important for us at Expert Boys as well.