Shopify Plus

Shopify PlusEven in the world of digital commerce there are many levels in terms of the quality of services. Shopify Plus is a functioning part of Shopify that caters to high level clients. Expert Boys is part of especial agencies that have the service of Shopify Plus at their disposal and can provide you with the best in the e-commerce territory. Some Shopify Plus benefits include

All-round support

Your store will have priority support from all your links, meaning your store will have some special access features that other stores don’t have. Your customers have 24/7 access to all merchants involved.

Hosted in the cloud

You can forget about those high maintenance fees and offsite data management. Shopify Plus manages software in the cloud,thus you will have unlimited storage space to comfortably sift through and manage your data automatically.

Automation and integration

With Shopify Plus you can seamlessly connect with a larger number of platforms and API’s than other competitor sites.

No hidden fees

You can make your payments online and all the costs will be clearly spelt out. There are no hidden fees or surprise packages that you need to pay up at some point. Every fee is disclosed outright and clearly for the client to work into their budget.

Multiple storefronts

If you trade internationally you do not have to open different websites on different platforms for all your store locations. You can do everything on Shopify Plus where you can have multiple languages, currencies, to synchronize data among multiple fronts.

High up time

With almost 100% up time, Shopify Plus can handle fast purchase from very large stores. With unlimited bandwidth, there will be a smooth flow on the website instead of fidgeting and buffing from overload.