Does Shopify And Pinterest Integration Really Work?


When it comes to social media marketing campaigns, the focus is usually on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn; rarely is Pinterest spoken of. With the recent announcement of Pinterest’s integration with Shopify, there have been questions about the rationale behind the integration; the question of if the integration works.

The answer to this query is yes. Data obtained from a number of sites show that users of Pinterest purchase their products online, more than users of other social networks.

How then do you take advantage of this integration, and what are some of its benefits?

Here are some tips on how to take advantage of the Shopify and Pinterest Integration.

Organize contests

Nothing gets the audience going as well as free things. A giveaway or contest can drive traffic to your store, and also boost sales. Contests on Pinterest can take different forms; “pin it to win it” is a popular type where customers are rewarded with gifts if they pin certain images of your store or its products. Take care to read Pinterest’s contest guidelines prior to organising a contest, so you don’t violate any of their rules.

Pin quality photos

Use high quality photos. If your images have sharp and multiple dominant colours, users are more likely to repin them. Try to use as few faces as possible; statistics show that images with faces with them are repinned less than others. Consider also the size of the images. Try to strike a balance; make your images big, but not too big.

 Use rich pins

Rich pins are much like rich snippets, but on Pinterest. Rich pins contain extra details inside the pin from your store’s site. Currently, rich pins are of five types: recipe, article, movie, place and product. A product pin, for instance, includes details on pricing, product availability, a click through to the store’s product page, and other extra information. Movie pins include information on movie ratings, reviews and other details. Like with rich snippets, you must also apply to get rich pins on Pinterest.

Pin posts at the right times

Another important tip to consider is the timing of your posts. According to Pinterest, the best times to post are between 2 – 4 pm and 8 – 11 pm, but these time periods vary across areas. Find out what the best time period is for your target location, and post appropriately.

Link your other social networks with Pinterest

If you already have a good fan base on other social media communities like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can capitalize on it. Convert as many of your fans and followers on other sites to Pinterest followers. One way of doing this is by sharing and posting your pins on the social media sites. You can also include a web link to your Pinterest account in the profiles of your other accounts. When you onnect all your social media accounts, you are notified of which ones of your friends/followers already have accounts on Pinterest, and you can simply follow them.

Some benefits of Pinterest and Shopify Integration include:

With Pinterest, you can build stories around your product pins with your target audience in mind. This allows you to improve your brand.

Pinterest allows you reach a wider audience. If your pins are descriptive and excellent enough, more users will see them and get to know about your business.

Your business is likely to get more visibility through Pinterest.

Boosting sales through Pinterest is simple enough. Put in enough effort and commitment, and you will reap the benefits.