Shopify Mobile Website

Shopify Mobile WebsiteShopify mobile site is a great way to provide more flexibility to your customers. They should not be confined to a computer screen to make orders from your website. The easier it is for them to use your services or get your products, the more they will choose you every time for that specific need.

Completely unique mobile experience:

If you want a completely different workflow than the existing Shopify website, we can do that for you. If you want to keep the familiar look of the website on the Shopify mobile store, we can tweak the website to fit on smaller screens.

Remove some content to simplify mobile

We eliminate some content from your website when translating to Shopify for mobile so that only the most important items are visible and the user experience is simplified for easy usage.

Navigation work on different devices

We work the best way to simplify your site’s overall structure, thus it does not appear too complicated on your Shopify stores mobile app.

Layout of grids and images

We change your layout and grid of arrangement of products and other parts of your Shopify for mobile. We keep in mind the balance of the layout as we make these changes.

Retina screen images

Retina is fast becoming the common standard on different devices, so we make your images to appear beautiful and crisp on retina screens to look great on your mobile app for Shopify store.

Bandwidth and seed of large images

We render large images with writing with HTML and CSS instead of embedding it in the image to optimize text for different resolutions.

Complex side bar or information filled footnote

We will simplify important information and lists in the side bar and at the bottom of the page so that customers can easily find pages on the mobile app for Shopify.

Hover effects on links and buttons

We don’t rely on hover effects for functionality because some devices have touchscreens and thus they don’t hover at all. But we make sure your mobile app on Shopify uses this as a subtle enhancement.

Forms optimized for small devices

We make sure the right device keyboards will be triggered for the appropriate field, and other features to make form entry simple on your Shopify mobile app.

Add to cart, checkout and workflow optimization

We will properly go through ordering workflow so that it becomes as easy and seamless on your Shopify mobile store as it is on the website.