Shopify Experts

Shopify ExpertsThe world has long since gone to the internet for trading and almost every business has an online commerce website. Shopify is at the forefront of this new world, providing an exceptional online commerce platform for millions of users. shopify is the platform but there are shopify developers who are masters at customizing the generic provisions of the platform to fit user’s specific needs. Expert Boys is one of such shopify experts. In the areas of set up, design, customization and marketing on shopify we are certified experts.

We are well equipped in the industry to provide solutions for online commerce stores

Set up and configuration

We are experts at creating Shopify accounts and setting them up for different types of businesses. We have done this over and over again, our team of professionals can handle any kind of setting up work on Shopify. We follow the preferences of our clients for this and bring in our years of experience too.

Custom theme design and editing

There are numerous themes you can choose on Shopify but your customers are experts at identifying stock themes and they do not think that is smart. To stand out and be unique you have to get a unique theme. We can edit your existing theme to satisfy customers interest as well as make them feel special. We also create brand new themes for new stores or stores that want a makeover.

Custom app design

If you are in need of any apps to help you boost performance on your website we have the right team for the job. At Expert Boys we are Shopify experts at designing apps that will integrate well on the Shopify platform and help you reach your customers on a more personal level.

Payment platforms

We set up, upgrade and maintain payment platforms for our clients. Having an online store means selling online and somehow the money has to pass from the hands of your customers to you. We are well versed in the best services out there and how to set it up effectively for you.

Shipping methods

Another need of product sellers on the commerce website is to ship the goods after payment is made. From our experience we will offer you a list of viable options and can conveniently see it up for you so it all runs smoothly. You can take your hands of the complicated process and give it to professionals like us to handle it.

Domain name set up

Setting up your domain is a part of the set up and configuration services we mentioned in the first point. Your domain name can be an old one from a website that you have rights over or it could be the new one you set up with your new Shopify account. We can set up and maintain all your domain needs perfectly.

Domain email set up

The email linked to your domain will be the vantage point of receiving and answering all email correspondences from customers is important. Managing it properly so that all emails are answered is an essential part of customer service and you want to give this rightly to your customers to keep them coming back.