Shopify Ecommerce Website

Shopify Ecommerce WebsiteThe Shopify platform has everything you need to set up and run an online store. As Shopify experts, Expert Boys can customize all these settings to fit your store and add functionalities. If you have a Shopify account, you can begin from there for your ecommerce website but if you do not have one, we can set it up for you.

Add products and manage inventory

We can add products to your store, upload their pictures, build stock levels and an inventory for your website. We can do bulk imports into your product categories and add product descriptions to them. We can also manage inventory after setting it up for you.

Organize products

We can separate your products manually to the collections you want, but only if you want to do it at all. We can also create smart collections for your store.

Content management

We can create new web pages for you through your Shopify account. The built-in blog software can also be utilized and we can even import a blog to Shopify from WordPress.

Customer relationship management

We can set up your store so that all the visiting customers or only the customers with accounts can purchase. No matter what your preference is, we can tailor your ecommerce website to handle it. We can also set account settings for your store to create customer groups based on their spending patterns and location.

Multiple logins

We can set up log in to Shopify for you and your other staff, if you have any. This will give you access to view and manage the progress of the store.