Shopify Domains Dns Mail

Shopify Domains Dns MailYour domain is the website’s address where all your customers can go to find your store. It is important to set up and manage it properly so as not to avoid problems. Shopify will set this up for you if you use Shopify domain name generator. All of your customers can only reach you through your domain name. a lot of customers prefer to communicate through email than any other form on contact. If you have a contact form or an email for contact that is where most of your customers are going to reach you. To be an efficient store you must respond fast and answer questions correctly to maintain your customer base. Since it is not possible to sit down and answer every email one after the other by yourself you will be needing some email services for your Shopify domain. Expert Boys has excellent domain DNS email services for your store.

For accepting email

We can set up a specific mail server for your Shopify domain to accept all emails from your domain or web page

For prioritizing email

We can set up multiple email servers connected to your Shopify domain email so that your emails are sorted out according to preference. Not every contact you get is important. Some are higher in relevance than other in that they have higher rate of purchase or becoming a member. The questions they ask and the way they contact you can determine how important or not and what level of hierarchy one message has over another. This way you can respond to the messages accordingly. Giving lesser attention to the less important ones and higher priority to others. For a example if someone sends and email asking a question that has already been answered on the pages of your website you can easily respond to that email or a bunch of emails like that with a template response. This email is not important. But if someone asks a peculiar question that requires a human response and shows high levels of interest then they are important and must be given attention.