Shopify Adjustments

Shopify AdjustmentsYour Shopify website requires adjustments from time to time because of changes in policies and agreements in different seasons. Our Shopify experts can help you with all the adjustments you need to make them timely so that your website is always updated.

Adjusting orders

Sometimes the store has to make adjustments in orders for the customers. This might be necessary to rectify a problem in the customer’s order if it has already been finalized and to create an order if it was not made online, like a phone order. Our Shopify experts can handle such order adjustments.

Payout fees adjustment

Addition or deduction could be made to your payout which is not originally in the normal payment flow. If there are small fees left over after settling of the abnormal payment actions, the normal Shopify payment method must be added or deducted to balance these. We can handle settings for these adjustments within your store.

Website adjustments

We can make adjustments to your website on Shopify like changes tore name, Shopify change in theme, Shopify change in homepage and more. If your store needs any updating or adjustments to make it function or look better, we are the right people to hire for the job.

Shipping rates adjustment

If there is a discount or coupon code used by a customer at checkout, it might mean deduction in shipping rates. For customers to benefit from this without issue there has to be adjustment in the settings to accept such changes. Shopify shipping rates could also be changed from time to time due to different factors, especially the economic positions of the market. These settings can be handled by our Shopify experts.

Float adjustment

Addition or removal of cash and any other cash adjustments should be recorded no matter how big or small they are. This will make for exactness and transparency in bookkeeping later on. We can handle all the necessary settings for this purpose.