How to Set Your Business up to Use Shopify’s Gateway


Setting up Shopify Payments is amazingly easy and rewarding. It is an important payment gateway that is highly rated and availablefor online business owners.

Payment gateways are services that help online businesses take payments fromcredit cards to their bank accounts and, over 80 percent owners of Shopify Store are already using Shopify Payments.

You may wonder, do I need this? Let’s quickly discuss some of the benefits that your online business gets by adding payment gateway to Shopify.

Advantages of Using Shopify Gateway

  • No Need for Transaction Fees

It is a tradition for you to pay a credit card provider a certain percentage on sales and transaction rate upon every payment made by customers. Also, you pay a transaction fee (a sale percentage) to the payment gate which you are using.

Using Shopify Payments, you get to pay a lower rate based on the plan that you are on. Moreover, transaction fees, charges for international credit cards and AMEX on customer purchase are removed.

  • Automatically Synced Orders and Payments

Another benefit you derived from Shopify Payment is that the you have the permission to control of finances because your money is stored in a single place.

Shopify compiles your payments and orders in a dashboard for easy management and track of money.

  • Faster Chargeback Recovery

It is common for online businesses to experience situations where customer reports to their credit card providers that they did not make purchase on products from the online store.

Fortunately, Shopify Payments has a dashboard with chargeback recovery which can provide saved responses for describing customers, their order and payments.

This can help your business to provide a proof that a customer actually purchase a product from your store during a chargeback problem.

  • Get Faster Payments

Shopify Payments’ pay-out time is no more than three days in contrast to most gateways that delay for weeks

  • Security

Using Shopify Payments guarantees security on payments and order. Shopify is driven by Stripe, a firm recognised for its secured encryption and easy use.

Shopify Payments works with 256-bit SSL certificates for keeping order data secured.

  • Easy to Integrate

Shopify Payment is easy to integrate to your online store. If you open a new store with Shopify, Shopify Payments will be your default payment gateway. It gets activated after you sign up.

This helps new businesses without payment gateways and saves time.


Setting Your Business Up to Use Shopify Gateway

  1. Log in to your dashboard.
  2. Locate ‘Settings’ and click on it.
  3. Go to payment and locate ‘Accept Credit Cards’
  4. Select any payment provider you prefer in the drop-down menu.

Select Shopify Payment you are not with a payment provider.

  1. Wait for the screen to load (or click on ‘learn more’ if youwant to know more).
  2. Click on ‘Activate’ to complete process.



  • Shopify gateway payment can be setup easily.
  • You can derive tremendous benefits by using Shopify Payments.