Sell on Facebook

Sell on FacebookAllowing customers to sell on Facebook directly to your Shopify store is helpful to you. It can help you grow your business and is still a useful tool for advertising. All products added on your Facebook store will be synchronized to your Facebook Shop tab and customers who are qualified can buy right from Facebook with just a few clicks, they do not need to divert to Shopify. This is integrated with Shopify so it is easy to keep track of sales and traffic data from your Shopify account. Expert Boys can handle the different stages of setting up a Facebook Shop for your Shopify store and link it to your preferred Facebook account. The process might seem tedious but we are Shopify experts and we know how to set this up in minutes

How sell on facebook Set up

We will link your Shopify store with a business account on Facebook. If you do not already have one, we will create it for you and if you already have one then we can use it and make any updates necessary to resonate your brand message.

Which checkout to use

You can decide to operate Shopify checkout or Facebook checkout. If your account is eligible you can use the Facebook checkout option. And all your American based users can make use of this option. Other users will checkout on Shopify.

Review and removal

We will review Facebook sales policies to determine how these might affect order processing. Expert Boys will periodically check for new terms and conditions and their implications on you. We can also close down your Facebook Store at any time.