Reasons Your Shopfiy Store Needs Rich Snippets


E-commerce store owners should think of rich snippets as a major advantage for SEO. Rich snippets are crucial if you want your website to be very visible on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). Beyond the visibility that your website gains, snippets can also increase the amount of “right” traffic to your online store.

Rich snippets allow websites to communicate differently with search engines. The snippets contain structured data that let search engines sort through the content on your website.

Usually, a site link, when displayed on the SERP of search engines, comes with a headline, and a few extra details below the link showing what kind of content can be expected on that web page. Those “few extra details” are the rich snippets of the search result page.

Below, we explain some of the benefits of adding rich snippets to your e-commerce store’s website.

<strong>Higher probability of ranking on SERPs</strong>

Google, Bing, and other search engines are designed to locate the most relevant results for their users. Rich snippets assist search engines in linking relevant content to a search, by providing comprehensive information to the search engine spiders about the kind of content contained in a label. The user gets a peek at the information contained in web links matching their search query through the rich snippets underlying the links.

<strong>Improved Click Through Rates (CTR)</strong>

The CTRs of pages with rich snippets tend to be higher than that of pages without them. Rich snippets allow a customer to see the “sneak peek” of a web page’s content before they click on the link. This helps to boost Click Through Rates. Users can easily decide, with the help of rich snippets, whether a web page contains has the information they are searching for, or if it doesn’t. Since results containing rich snippets offer more information, users are moved to click on them.

<strong>Better opportunity for marketing</strong>

Online stores can pitch for their products and services using rich snippets. On search engine results pages, you can exhibit the uniqueness of your products and services with extra information (images, videos etc.) about them. You can also include information about stock size and prices, so that they show up in search results. Store owners can look to rich snippets as a way to generate traffic to their website, and to gain that crucial edge over their competitors.

<strong>Rich Snippets help boost your credibility</strong>

By including information on customer reviews and ratings of your website in rich snippets, you are increasing your website’s credibility. Users are more likely to visit a website with a good number of customer reviews to help them make informed decisions. Web pages containing snippets tend to boost user confidence more relative to web pages with no snippets.

<strong>Qualified Leads</strong>

Visitors to your website would already be aware beforehand of the price, reviews, and stock information, through rich snippets. What this means is that users are properly informed, and have reached a logical conclusion to check out your website. The implication of this is that real buyers would be visiting your store.

Some popular rich snippets to use on your store’s website include, pricing, ratings and reviews, images and videos of your products, and stick information.