Privacy Policy

Because of the business links between us and our clients, we have personal information like names, email addresses and other addresses. We also have information about your internet protocols to help analyze and develop a solution for you. Be assured that this information is secured by our privacy policy.


If required by law, we will disclose information about you to the right law enforcement agencies through the right channels. You will most likely be alerted that this is required of us and we are doing it because the law demands it.

Information using authorization

Whenever you share your personal information or credit/debit card details with us, we consider that the information was shared for only that use. If there are any other need for your personal information we would ask for authorization from you to use that information or we will provide an option for you to deny us the consent. If you have already given us consent to use any information you can change your mind at anytime and express this by contacting us. You can reach us by email at anytime for all things related to consent for gathering using information.

Age of consent

The age of the person giving consent must be up to legal majority age in their place of residence.

From Shopify

All the information and credit/debit card details collected by Shopify for a transaction between us and our customers is also private. All the details will be discarded after transactions are complete so you do not have to worry about your information getting into the wrong hands. Secure handling of your information is protected by PCI-DSS rules and Shopify is fully DCI compliant.

Other third party services

All the third party partners we work with will only collect and use the necessary information from you. They take what is needed for the successful completion of the job. They have regulations guiding the distribution, use and sharing of payment transaction. The privacy policy of Expert Boys does not cover you when you leave or domain for that of a third party. All transactions there are covered by them and under their jurisdiction. Be sure to check this out because it varies per country.


We protect your personal information from loss, misuse, abuse, destruction, alteration and disclosure. We follow the requirements of PCI-DSS and operate general standard of acceptable security conduct to secure all electronic transmissions as best as we can.

Changes to privacy policy

We make changes to our privacy policy, as it affects us.Thus you should regularly check Expert Boys to be updated on the current privacy policies. We have the right o make changes and they take immediate effect. If at any time we are merged with another company your information might be released to them so we can continue to provide you with top notch services.