How To Increase Your Instagram Followers And Use The Advantage For Business Growth


Instagram is a social media community 400 million users strong. For e-commerce store owners, it’s a community of millions of probable customers. To tap into the potential market that social media communities offer, you first have to actively participate and engage with these communities.

With Instagram, this is achieved by a growing a large follower base for your channel. One of the advantages of increasing the number of followers you have on Instagram, is the wider reach that your business gets. More people get to be aware of your brand and business.

Here,then, are some guidelines on how to increase your Instagram followers to take advantage of the size of the Instagram community.

Use hashtags

Use a hashtag as an excellent way of improving your business’s exposure and interacting with your audience. Hash tags are a great way to organize your content and develop your community. You should however be careful in your choice of hash tags. Try to research hash tags that are relevant to your industry and clientele. If what you are going for is a hash tag particular to your own business, try to make it as short and precise as possible. Using a hash tag is a good way to get the instagram community to engage with your store and its products.

Hold contests and giveaways

Hosting a contest or giveaway is a good way to reward current followers of your Instagram channel, as well as draw new customers to your page. Motivate your audience to participate by offering them various incentives, like discounts, and free gifts. Have your followers tag their friends and family using the contest’s hashtag; to publicise the contest and your business. You can permit voting and commenting as a way to encourage participation.

Locate your Instagram community

Of instagram’s 400 million users, there must be a niche or group of users interested in the same line of business as you. Doesn’t matter if you are into Technology, Agriculture, Food, or Fashion, there is certainly a community for you irrespective of the products or services you offer. Find your community and engage with it. Participate in discussions,  listen to the experiences of other business owners and learn from them. There is a chance that potential buyers of products similar to yours are likely to be members of that community; play your cards well, and you can build a sizable follower/customer base from the community.

Post videos

If you want to bring increased attention to your brand, and at the same time boost your Instagram following, use videos. So much of instagram’s uniqueness rests in the ability to relate personal stories through posts; videos allow you to do this with a little more flexibility. A video post on Instagram is likely to see twice the engagement rate of posts with just photos. Create and post high quality, fun, and entertaining videos on your instagram account that followers of your account are going to be moved to tag their friends. You can grow your Instagram following this way.

Like and comment on other users’ photos

A sure way of increasing the number of Instagram followers you have is by engaging with other user’s content. Take time to scroll through the feed of other users, and like and comment on as many photos as you can. Liking a user’s photo will keep you at the forefront of a follower’s mind since they get notifications when you like their content. Go through your “Explore” page and double tap on photos that are relevant to your brand and business.

Growing your Instagram following is not about increasing just numbers – it’s about building your brand’s audience. With the right strategies, and the right amount of effort, you are sure to see your Instagram community and your customer base grow.