Impact Of Social Media On Online Marketing


In the past decade, social media has gone beyond being just a platform where people find and share information. Since people go onto social media to share ideas, search out information, share ideas & stories and read contents, it has become an avenue to push product awareness. Social networkshave evolved into a cost effective tool for business operations which more and more businesses are embracing. Social networks have raised businesses from obscurity to the limelight. Statistics have shown that consumers around the world spend billions of money on social media platforms every year and this strong online presence has had a positivelygreat impact on sales.


The inclusion of the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons has given social media marketing a longer stride in the information arena. Shared information has had a great impact on people in the selection of product and services. Several consumers make purchases online after products have been shared on their timeline. This is a clear indication of how important social media has become in e-commerce.


Messaging apps provide a more satisfying customer service experience for the consumer. They serve as a direct line of communication between the producer and the consumer. On messaging apps, a consumer can have a direct chat and make enquiries about products and services.


The world of social media marketing is a very broad one that guarantees huge success if managed adequately. These few steps will be helpful in getting started;

  1. Pick a niche – one or more niches that you are already familiar with. You can experiment with a few of them
  2. Carry out researches about you niche – if you are successful with any, then make more research.
  3. Find areas that interest people – if a lot of people are interested in clothes, find the style of clothes that would sell more.
  4. Advertise – create awareness. Create pages and boost contents. People cannot buy what they do not know exist.
  5. Evaluate – take some time off and check your progress. Check your speed of growth and know if to continue, change strategy or consider other niches.


Social networks have narrowed the gap between producer and consumer, helped improve customer service & experience and also helped the manufacturer gain a better understanding of his audience. It gives the manufacturer an idea of what the audience wants so he tailors campaigns that are suited to those wants.

An important aspect of social networks is that it helps the manufacturer to stay in touch with his existing customers and also connect to new ones. It gives a public opinion of goods and services. Social marketing performed effectively, adds instant value to business. People use social media to find information on products they are interested in before making a purchase.

Many businesses have taken the social media advantage to boost products to reach more people, improve customer service, obtain more customers and create awareness for new products.