Existing Website to Shopify

Existing Website to ShopifyIf you already have an ecommerce website outside Shopify, we can help you safely and smoothly migrate to Shopify and make sure your already existing content and product descriptions are intact.

Importing data

We will configure all your basic administrative settings and import your store’s data to Shopify. After the migration, we will organize your products, set up your domain and shipping, configure your taxes, setup Shopify payment gateway and place some test orders.

Updating links

We will discuss with you if you need to update your Shopify links. We set up redirects for the pages on your old store that customers might have bookmarked to get to you easily. We also make sure all your theme files, style sheets and images for your website are always accessible.

Redirecting URLs

For any URL that is changed from your former website, a redirect is created on your Shopify website. We create Shopify store URL redirects from your Shopify admin page and we help in maintaining these lists.

Moving from eBay to Shopify

If you are moving your store from eBay to Shopify, our Shopify experts can handle this for you. We can configure your settings, migrate the store from eBay to Shopify, set up your domain and add some products to make your Shopify website look great.