A customer is for Life: 5 ways to attract patronage and keep your customers


More and more people are flocking to online stores to purchase the products they need, and e-commerce stores are popping up everywhere to cater to these needs. However, the competition between online stores is stiff, and getting stiffer, especially as there are a number of stores offering the same products and services.

To thrive in this kind of competitive environment, you have to attract as many customers as possible to your store, and retain them. Selling top notch products isn’t enough; you also have to make sure your target audience is convinced of the need to purchase the product once, twice, and many more times.

The most important question then becomes that of how to promote your business so that the right kind of customers come to patronize you.

Here are 5 ways to attract customers to your store, and to make sure you retain their patronage.

Get an attractive and well-designed website

Your e-commerce website represents your business; you must therefore create a good and appealing one. A clean and well-structured website will draw intending customers to your store, introduce them to your products, and encourage them to make purchases. On the other hand, if your store isn’t well designed, potential buyers are likely to click away and move to a better looking store. First impressions are extremely important, and you want to try as much as possible to make the best first impression on customers. A proper and well-designed website is your way to do this.

Use Social media forums

Some of the discussions held on social media sites and forums are about products you sell. These sites form part of a potential market for your product. Locate the spaces on social media communities where individuals go to talk about your specialty. Take active part in conversations on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, offer advice, and you might get the chance to speak about your store. Ensure that you know and adhere to the rules guiding each site.

Another way of taking advantage of social media is by posting images and videos of your products, along with back links to your website, on search engines.

Be aware of the preferences of your target market

Customer preferences vary across places and locations, so, if your target audience is in a particular location, research the accepted preferences and choices in that location. This will help you properly arrange your website, so that the products that are likely to attract customers from your target location are listed first. You must also ensure that your products are grouped into categories on your homepage or landing web pages, so potential customers can easily locate their desired products.

Use marketing campaigns

There are relatively cheap options of advertising strategies available. Companies with their focus on email marketing will help you run an effective email campaign without violating spamming laws. Pay-per-click advertising experts will also help increase the visibility of your website in search engines. Find the right fit of advertising campaign for your e-commerce store and stick to it. The more rigorous your marketing campaigns, the more customers you are likely to get.

Encourage customer feedback

Encourage customers to review your products. At times, customers offer reviews of your product without any prompt from your store. However, at the times when they don’t, try to motivate them to. Make use of positive reviews effectively by incorporating them in your website’s design (on the homepage or any other high ranking page). Bad reviews are also an indication of what things are not working, and you should respond accordingly to those. Customers are more likely to patronize your store when there are third party reviews of your products.

These are some of the ways to attract customers to your store, and to build a loyal customer base. Follow these tips, stick to the right strategies, make the right decisions, and more people will flock to your e-commerce store.