Custom Shopify Themes

Shopify Theme Customization - Shopify Theme Editor - Shopify Theme DevelopmentAt Expert Boys we are highly skilled at designing custom Shopify themes. For every kind of Shopify store we can customize a theme to fit your liking and represent what your store is about. It isn’t all about the design for us, workability is the reason for a theme in the first place. We can customize your theme to be easily relatable to customers. They would be able to easily find pages and areas of interest without a fuss. From all the experience we have gathered over the years on website interface design, design for good user experience and brand design, we have all it takes to satisfy your needs. We will handle original Shopify local theme development for your website. Here are a few of the features we offer in our custom design

  • Display of most current news and blogs showing the most recent at the top
  • Display the most current announcements with the most recent appearing at the top
  • Peculiar brand section and different categories
  • Menus and navigation opinions tailored for your store
  • Product pages tailored for your store
  • Slideshows tailored to your brand and products
  • News and blog section tailored to your specific needs
  • Highly responsive design
  • Interactive maps
  • Features for home page
  • Forms for feedback, contact and and application
  • Logo design
  • Theme and settings that can be configured
  • Peculiar styling of the entire theme
  • Icons and charts to feature your products

We use Shopify theme framework like many other designs tocreate some special themes especially for you. Our Shopify theme editors will manage your themes in an effective manner.

Maintaining your theme

We can also maintain your theme to keep it up-to-date with the newest trends and upgrades so it always stays fresh and does not go out of fashion.