Custom Shopify Emails

Custom Shopify Emails | Custom Email Designs | Custom Email TemplatesShopify has some basic email templates that can be used on your website. There are different email templates to choose from on the store. We can customize them by adding the brand logo and specific event it is tailored for as well as the recipients. It can be used for order confirmation or order shipment and other information passing like that. You can do so much with these emails. They are standard no mater the tweaking you do and the designs you add or the representation of your brand on them. They will easily be recognized by any customer as the normal bulk messages form Shopify. Also They might not remember the message you are trying to pass across or even read your email for that matter.

Why custom Shopify emails?

All customers like to feel special and giving them a unique customized message is the right way to go. The more important your customer feels, the better they will respond to you and relate with you. Specially customized emails can even be read as good customer service by some customers. And you definitely wan that on your side as a Shopify shop owner.

Our customized Shopify emails have:

  • A version to respond to cancelled order
  • A version to use in confirmation of orders
  • Version to use in notifying upon the creation of a new order
  • A new version to reset customer password
  • A custom version to welcome new users to their customer account
  • A modified version to provide updates on shipping
  • A changed version for customers to activate their new accounts
  • Template for customers to confirm shipping
  • Custom design to notify customers they have items lying in their cart