Building Shopify Website

Building Shopify Website

Many clients use Shopify to build a business from scratch and you can do the same too. Using Shopify to build a business in 2017 is an easy task for us. You can give us all your preferences and we will create the whole setup for you to Build Shopify Website.

Signing up

Many of our clients might have already gone through the stage of signing up with Shopify. Sign up for Shopify requires filling a form with all your details and requirements. If you have not done this already you can do so now with our help and full support.

Setup online shop

Shopify store setup is the next thing to do and we can handle all the administrationtasks for you. This is where store customization starts. From uploading products tosetting payment methodsto shipping details, we can put up and organize your entire Shopify setup.

Choose theme and layout

There are different options offered by the Shopify theme store but we can customize your theme and its layout to be more user friendly and carry your brand message. The functionality of different themes are different, so you can give us specific instructions on how to create yours to meet the needs of your customers fully.

Edit settings

We will make changes to the appearance of your website and tailor it to your needs and the needs of your target market as well. We will adjust your color scheme and font choice, upload logos and icons, add functionality as needed, upload slides and choose how many items appear in each line of the collection pages.

Add products

We can upload your products, product descriptions and product pictures. We will arrange them accordingly and save. We will also set up manual or automatic collection of items depending on your preference.

Get website live

We make sure all necessary feature are in place by double checking all settings and tweaking necessary areas to get your website live for a test run.


Shipping rates, taxes, courier service and all other shipping related issues will be settled.


We will run a Shopify test purchase for you to be 100% certain that all functions and parts of the website are running up to standard. This will involve a Shopify test payment and Shopify test checkout, among other things, to be sure customers can buy from your store without hassles.