About us

About us | Best Online Shopify Experts | Shopify DevelopersAt Expert Boys, we are fervent and highly interested in all things concerning Shopify. If you need a Shopify website then this is the right place to be because we are Shopify experts. We are deeply passionate about Shopify and we have enough experience to give you the highest quality of products. We put our expert skills to use by helping numerous clients grow and succeed in their online businesses.

Finding process

When you come to Expert Boys, we do not just jump in from the beginning with our ideas and solutions. It order to ensure success, we get to know you and see what your business is all about. The aims, goals, visions and dreams of your business are its foundation and that is what we want to help you reflect on our skills. This is the inception of the project. We have a highly qualified and professional team with years of pooled experience that will get into the heart of things by learning about your business. We cannot know your business more than you so we want to hear your heart and mind about how you want things to look.

Origination and creation

We will not just throw our ideas without considering anything. Good ideas are almost useless without the right means for putting them into good use. Thorough planning of the ideas and steps to take will be handled by our experts to make the project as efficient as possible. There is no need to go through a maze to get to the desired end when we can make a direct plan from the beginning and follow it through to the end. The cost and time it will take to complete your project will be significantly cut down because of our planning.


Our Shopify experts will find the best ways to deliver the very best content to you. Shopify customization is our strong territory and we can tailor your Shopify website to serve all your needs. You have not seen a better team of Shopify developers than the brilliant minds we have at Expert Boys. Creating Shopify themes and Shopify apps comes easy to us as we have done thousands of similar works in the past that have been successfully.

Reinforcement services

The process does not come to an end when we deliver the finished products to you. We have support services that will help your Shopify app or website run smoothly in the future. We also carry out Shopify modifications to enhance working quality. At Expert Boys we are concerned about the long term working conditions of the products that we make and so it is not jut about the immediate success for us but sustaining that level of greatness.

Reach us today for all your Shopify needs and watch us handle them effectively to produce the best results.