6 Steps To Building Your Business Through Social Media


Want to go from being social media micro-seller to building an empire? Every successful social marketer took steps which made that dream a reality. It takes calculated risks, the right research, careful planning and more.

When you know what your audience really wants, you create a social network market plan, create sellable ideas and adopt effective awareness methods. A social network market plan is a sum total of everything you hope to achieve and plan to do for your social media business to thrive. Being specific with your objectives will go a long way in making them effective when implemented. On the long run, checks should be carried out to measure the rate of success.


  1. Set goals and objectives

Without goals there is no means to measure your success. Having an objective will help you take actions when efforts are not yielding the desired results. What niches do you want to focus on? What are the goals you hope to achieve? Why do you want venture into social network marketing? Within what time-frame do you hope to achieve those goals? Those goals and objectives should be relevant and attainable. Do not set the bar beyond your reach.

  1. Assess your social media usage

This means evaluating your current usage of several social media platforms, how well it is working and the kind of connections you have. Also, how do you use it so it makes impact on your business? This is done prior to drawing out a marketing plan so as to know which one will be more effective in achieving your objectives.

For every business there is a competitor so measuring yourself up to your competitors will you make amendments in necessary areas.

  1. Improve your social media presence

In most cases, reliance on one social media platform will lead to limited results. Therefore, it is always best to have a broader online presence so as to reach more audience. Already existing accounts should be updated and refined so as to get the best result possible. Every social network has a unique audience and should be handled differently.

Create pages, promote social accounts and find means to generate more traffic on your social media profiles.

  1. Create sellable ideas and products


What would interest your audience? Do it or better still, do it in a way different from how everybody is doing it.

  1. Connect with industry leaders, clients and competitors

When at a crossroads of not knowing what kinds of information and contents will get you more traffic, you can peep on your competitors. Find out what they are offering the audience and think of a much better way to reinvent it to get you engagements.

Learn strategies of industry giants, read their success stories, find where you are falling short and vent.

  1. Advertise

This is what pushes you into the face of the audience. Make the public aware of what you are offering. Spending a little amount of money on ads can really get your business into the limelight.